Marcus Visionary Remix Review

This week, I’ve got a brand new Remix EP from Marcus Visionary feat. Steppa Side, with flashy tracks by Phatcat (Future Roots, Edmonton) alongside two Dirty Skank Beats bangers. Marcus Visionary, the legendary Drum n Bass producer from Toronto, is well known for his Jungle n Ragga work, both nationally and globally. This remix album is in your face, and reminds me of a murky dancehall, blasting you with high speed tempos and drums. I feel like I wanna light up some hairspray or somethin. Dirty Skank Beats lights up the keys with his remixes, while Phatcat emphasizes the power of the snare to provoke the song. Oh, and don’t forget that rave whistle. I personally loved the dub sides by both artists, and I have to say that these tracks have been bangin in my headphones for a few weeks now.

Hats off to Phatcat and Dirty Skank Beats

You can find their links here:


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