Dunngeon Keeper at Zion Noiz Haunted House

Dunngeon Keeper.

Two words that I’m sure this artist hopes are burnt onto your soul. This guy played one awesome set at the Zion Noiz Haunted House show on November 4th, and I’m consistently caught off-guard by the styles and genres he plays. For the most part, his sets are all-original production, which is actually just insane. Instead of being committed to a mental ward, the Keeper keeps us trapped inside his walls of bass. Almost every show he plays is part of a series of Episodes, which ensures that you are never listening to “the same old track”… Ever. It must take an incredible amount of energy to produce at this rate, and not only did he produce it all, he fell off a roof and broke half of himself a few weeks before the show. Dunngeon Keeper is committed. Check him out December 17th at Zion Noiz presents, “Nightmare Before Christmas” at the Sewing Machine Factory on Whyte Ave.

Here’s Dunngeon Keeper:

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