20151013_135444Drawing on a wide musical background, Bee has performed alongside DubFX, was honoured to emcee the opening ceremonies of Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival in 2015, and has also opened for electronic acts like The Librarian, Neighbour,

Longwalkshortdock, Emotionz, Martin Horger, and Whitebear, as well as Hip Hop acts, like Moka Only, Lee Reed (Formerly of Warsawpack), and Test Their Logik.

Bee was honored to join the Astral Harvest family in 2016, taking over as stage manager for the Market Stage. Bee also owns and is a co-founder of Head Cornerstone Records and Zion Noiz Music & Arts Festival; both underground movements have been founded on developing and sustaining underground electronic music culture in Alberta.

He also co-hosts NewsWired, a local news radio show on GRadio.ca, which airs Wednesdays at 7pm, as well as Stacked, which airs Fridays at 9pm on GRadio.ca. He is also the author of Stacked.music.blog, which features interviews and reviews of North American underground music.

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