Winter Onesie Party renews spirits of the Calgary Festie Scene


Cassie Weiss

Stacked.Music.Blog Contributor 

It has been a hard winter, and a crazy one. The temperatures rise and fall like baking bread and the busy city slowly ticks its way through the new year. Festival season seems so far away, and traditional festie wear has been put away for a warmer day.

Lucky for us, on Friday, February 2, tutus and harem pants were not the dress code of choice, but instead all the organizers of a local music tour wanted was for everyone to show up in a onesie.

The We Are Onesie tour, hosted by Astral Harvest and the Genesa Project, featuring K-Lab and local talent, brought out every creature imaginable, and for the first time since the year grew one older, it felt like the attendees had stepped out of the cold city into the loving embrace of the forested mountains.

It wasn’t just a show everyone had decided to go to, it was a family reunion. Smiling faces greeted others around every corner, and groups of friends sprawled throughout the venue, Distortion, located in south Calgary.

Being a part of it felt like magic, from watching artists live paint, to vendors sharing their love and passion with those in the vicinity. It was refreshing to know that no matter how long the winter, the warmth and love of the festival season will always be so close by.

With opening performances by local talent, attendees were able to support friends and family through a good variety of sound designed to make the crowd shake their buns. Opening the night with AniMAL, followed by Kali Yuga and the Genesa Project and Nada Deva, the constant shift from bass house to break beats kept the energy pulsing late into the night, whether a person was front and centre on the dance floor, or catching up with old friends in the back of the nightclub.

The honoured guest of the night, K+Lab, hailing from New Zealand with his infamous keytar, didn’t disappoint either, as guests were able to watch him play some of the recent glitch/hip hop tracks on his newest release. With the Wiggy EP the first to come out of his newly relocated Vancouver studio, it was a treat to his supporters to hear the tracks everyone has been playing. Keeping the energy high with a stellar performance on the key tar, it was a highlight to hear Wiggin, Boomerang, and many others live and in the flesh.

Finishing up the night with the Vancouver-based duo, Average-Gypsy, the wobbly bass kept the energy alive right until the end, closing out the dance floor in the wee hours of the night. As the clock struck 3 a.m., goodbye hugs were given away easily, cabs were called, and the crowd slipped away into the frozen air with renewed hope in their hearts.