Nada Deva Interview

 What are you working on right now? 

Currently, I am in the middle of writing a 3 track EP for BioWare. My tracks will be featured in the game “Mass Effect: Andromeda.” The music could be be playing in 3 different game hubs. The Aya race outdoor area, the humanoid club, or in an intergalactic pirate bar.



 Were you influenced by any old tapes/cds? In what way?
I’ve been listening to Global Underground featuring Deep Dish recorded live in Moscow since the year 2000. This is the set that got me deep into the realm of electronic music. To this day I listen, to these sets annually. The progressive and nostalgic sounds have been timeless and appeals most to me during the fall. This set still inspires me to this day.
 How long have you been making music? 
I’ve been dabbling into production for years but didn’t start to seriousAH20161.jpgly produce music until 2012. This was the year of after the death of my mom. I wrote the album “Life after death” soon afterwards. The album represents the hard fight my mom had and the aftermath of my personal healing to follow.
 What changes would you like to see to the music industry to make it more profitable? 
This is hard to say. Every year the music has been changing radically from a traditional supply and demand of record sales to 360 artist branding. Hopefully it will be easier for artists to get on streaming platforms like spotify to make a profit.
 What would you like to do more of? 
Using more analog synths. Currently I am using software synths but thinking about getting a virus synth.
 Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years?
To be still producing music on a regular. Some people take pictures but I like to write music. A song that I write is like a personal time capsule. Every time I listen to one of my older songs, It brings be back to the era of my life of when i made the track.
I loved your set at Astral Harvest this year, can we expect this as a new direction for Nada Deva? It seemed like there was a lot more bass house in the mix. 
Yes! We are still on a Nu Disco and Brazilian bass tip but we are always actively still the UK garage and bass house vibes. Over the years, we try not to conform to a single genre but take the elements we love about hot/current genres and just build sets to our personal liking. We have been getting more into tech house.
How did you get involved with Astral Harvest? What are your responsibilities? 
I can’t remember what year to be exact but I will guess 2003/4.  My friend’s older brother “Bron Wells” (Catch the beat (CJSR)), was playing at the infamous “GOMP” event Intox 2. I showed up with vinyl to play the open decks with success! From then, I started hanging out with the crew and start playing at the afterparties and eventually joined GOMP. The original volunteers of Gomp was a group of friends that was ended up forming “Techno Hippy Crew”. They started with a handful of hall parties, a couple of bar nights and eventually threw the first Astral Harvest music festival. Within the first year, i was involved as an artist and a wakachan volunteer. Not until year 2 I joined up and started playing different roles over the years. I currently work with the talent team on bookings and programming.
What are some of the most important factors for artists applying for Astral Harvest?
Focus on your craft and all aspects behind your branding. We look at the relevance, social media, if they are a serious artist. Do they have a local or internet following? If they post a mix, is it mastered? In a world of 1000s+ bedroom Djs, we like to support artists that are taking their craft to the next level.
What can we expect from Astral Harvest this year? Any teasers or updates you’d like to share?
A general re vamp of the programming, headliners in the manor and more of a psy/prog presence . Also expect a couple of new crew showcases.