Push it Along

“It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog World, Every Dog has its Day”

I got an advanced copy of EVeryman’s new single, Push it Along, which is off the new album called Good Deeds, and it’s got me tappin my feet and hummin up a storm. The beat spins on the record player, the needle feels the grooves of the track, this is the rap I grew up with.

This is real Hip Hop.

First, to tackle the beat itself, it reminds me of J. Dilla, that bass line is a classic throwback to the good times, the uncertain times, the groovin times, the times of the 1990’s.

So many elements of this song bring back memories for me, from my first Hip Hop album, (Stocks and Bombs by Warsawpack) to hanging out on my porch listening to Tribe Called Quest and K-os, back when I was just a lil MC with a lot of dreams in my pockets.

Next up? The lyrical content, which is as positive as it is deep, playing with age-old phrases to illuminate, and contrast, common-sense knowledge. What was really neato for me was that these old phrases compounded the memories evoked in the beat, harkening back to the past to remind ourselves, as the track’s hook flows, to, “Push it Along”

This is one writer and teacher who sincerely hopes EVeryman keeps ‘Pushin On’ solid tunes like this for us all to listen to.

Check it out here:




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