EVeryman Interview

1. What are you working on right now?
I’m Currently working on my new EVeryman solo EP entitled “Good Deeds.”  I am also working on finishing up new final Little giants EP that I began with Pumpkin.  Little Giants is Pumpkin and my hip hop group.  We are a throw back to 90’s era hip hop. I have also started the process of creating a 501(c)(3) non for profit foundation called The Little Giant Acorn Foundation For The Arts.

2. What was your favorite 90’s jam?
That’s a tough one, but Award Tour by A tribe Called Quest might have to be it…Maybe Root Down by the Beastie Boys also…
3. How long have you been making music?
I have been playing with my family’s records since I can remember I wanted to be a dj and a rapper.  I have actually been making my own music since 2007.  I started freestyle rapping in 2001 with my college roommate who went by DropAflo at the time.  He was a famous rapper in Italy for a time.
4. What inspires you?
I am inspired by film, tv shows, the media, politics, women and other music artists.  especially old school hip hop. Daily interactions with our fellow humans…
5. What changes would you like to see to the music industry to make it more profitable?
I think artists should get more love and respect.  It’s hard with so many new producers and artists out there.  Music is easy to get for free.  I think no one should sell music anymore… Just make money off shows and tours.  Live performance is where it is at anyway for me.
6 . What would you like to do more of?
More tours and more live shows that benefit a charity or go towards educating the youth in arts and music.
7. Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years?
Running several programs to help give free arts and music education to those who want it.  Making music and making films that help to promote positive change in the world.  Working with likeminded peers to help progress the arts community while helping on a much larger global scale through arts and music and theatre events.
8. What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?
Make sure you are not attached to a final outcome.  Don’t quit doing it if you truly love it.  If you don’t find what your passion is and go and do that because the world truly needs those who are putting their energy into something they actually care about. Don’t be an artists for the money.  If you’re in it for the money GET OUT! We are artists because we want to express something truly human about ourselves.  Because we want to share our perspective on the world through the abstract.  Don’t be fooled by glitter and gold.  The entertainment industry is pretty messed up.  But it does allow us to shine in our own way if we can detach fro the “right” way to do things.  There is no “right” way if you are focused and committed to your art no matter what then you are doing it right!
9. What are typical mistakes people make when trying to pursue this career?
They are attached to an outcome… They are in it for the money… They expect results right way… They compare themselves to their peers and artists that inspire them… Remember you are you and the world wants to see you, not your version of who you think they want you to be.  BE YOU!!! ❤

10. Could you fill us in on the Little Giant Acorn Foundation?image1.JPG

Nick “Pumpkin” Alvarado was a beloved musician, clown and most importantly, friend to so many in our community. While he is sadly no longer with us, his spirit lives on through his music and the thousands of people he touched over the years. To honor his memory, the Little Giant Acorn Foundation memorial fund has been established to help childrn who want to pursue a career in music or performing arts that otherwise couldn’t afford to.

As of now, this very moment, we are raising funds to ensure that we can have the money for legal fees to become a 501-(c)(3), set up a board of trustees and sponsors, create a fundraising video campaign, and to organize a team to teach our first round of Little Giant Acorn Summer camp!

Another goal of the fundraising is to finish Nick’s music. Pumpkin and Little Giants both had music that was nearly finished that still needs to be released and shared wit the masses. All the funds raised here will go back into the memorial fund. A remix charity album will be created by Pumpkin’s Peers with remixes from : Fort Knox Five, JPOD, K-Lab, CloZee, Spiltmilk, and many more!  Grassroots has made for which all sales go to the foundation and we are also selling memorial t-shirts.

By purchasing this limited edition t-shirt, you are ensuring Nick’s spirit continues to shine bright while also helping to inspire the next generation of little acorns.


We had our first foundation fundraiser on October 28th The First Annual Pumpkin Ball, in which we raised over $3000 for the charity.

Stay tuned for much more on special events, classes, workshops, and how you can help children who can’t afford an education in the arts and music on their own. ♥

image1 (1).JPG

2017 EVERYMAN AND QDUP TOUR INFO:Qdup Everyman Logo_Solo.jpg
LA’s Evan ‘Everyman’ Shafran and Washington, DC’s Jason ‘Qdup’ Brown are embarking on a co-headlining tour together in 2017! We are looking to have the guys hit February through March. Let me know if you have any holds we can grab.
Over the past several years, both have earned increased recognition by releasing acclaimed original music and delivering genre-defying DJ sets consistently at clubs and festivals across the US and abroad.
In the wake of tragedy, the last year has thrust the two of them into the spotlight having each respectively stepped into the shoes of their fallen friends and music collaborators Nicholas ‘Pumpkin’ Alvarado and Jon Horvath of Fort Knox Five. Qdup has been touring extensively with Steve Raskin from the Fort Knox family performing a unique Four Deck Set that incorporates live mash-ups and turntablism since the passing of Jon H in late 2015. Similarly, Everyman has been rocking festivals and club shows heavily over the spring and summer since the passing of Nick earlier in 2016. His well-received Pumpkin tribute sets included a showcase of their Little Giants hip hop project, which Pumpkin and Everyman collaborated on. On their forthcoming tour, Qdup and Everyman will showcase Everyman’s distinct MC skills with a hip hop set featuring original music – including Little Giants work as well as other material. Along with their separate DJ sets, Qdup and Everyman are sure to bring a true block party vibe that will run the gamut of dance floor infused breaks, hip hop, funk, house and bass music that the boys are known for championing.
In honor of Pumpkin, Everyman has recently started a society called ‘Little Giant Acorn Foundation for the Arts’, a not-for-profit charity organization established to provide music and arts programs to children who do not have the means to attain them otherwise. A portion of all proceeds from this tour will go to benefit the foundation and keep the Pumpkin legacy alive. 

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