Spenny B All Originals Mix

If there is one guy I always wanna see at a festival, it’s Spenny B.

His sets always leave me feeling like I connected to some hippy level of reality. I think it’s because this guy lives in that level of reality, and just makes these dang tunes that reach down into 3D and wake us up. With bass-laden riffs, and his classic dubstep wobble, many of his tracks carry a haunting tone, leaving the listener to contemplate reality within the rhythm.

He recently released a 33 minute All-Original mix, with a mixture of tempos, genres, and styles; it is reminiscent of a dark Autumn’s eve, mixing potions by the light of the blinking lights of a mad scientist’s laboratory. With a range like this, it is no wonder I always make sure to check out a Spenny B sets.

Check his tunes here: